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Fresh Genes


About one-hundred-thousand years ago our Homo sapiens ancestors broke away from the rest of the human subspecies (Neanderthal, erectus, etc) and did something unprecedented for any animal on Earth…they traveled and adventured to almost every place on the planet. From the northern Steppes of Mongolia to the southernmost tip of Argentina, our ancestors continued to innovate, to adventure and to thrive in almost every climate.


According to geneticists, the genes that drove the onward expansion of our ancestors exist within our DNA as well….we inherited a biochemical legacy for adventure!  (The most talked about of these genes is called DRD4-7R.  If you are interested in the nitty gritties check out this link: http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/2013/01/125-restless-genes/dobbs-text) 

In modern day, the expression of these genes is evident in the competitive games we play, our obsession with outdoor recreation, and even our love of stories about adventures that take our imaginations There and Back Again…thanks, Bilbo.

 As adventurers sharing in the legacy of our traveling ancestors, we crafty primates at Essential Wipes have used our powers of innovation to answer a one-hundred-thousand year old question….”how do we maximize our freshness while navigating our sweaty and dirty bodies through the perils of our epic lives?"

 To celebrate our adventurous genes, take a few bucks off your next order of Essential Wipes and travel fresh.

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Essential Wipes are essential oil travel towelettes perfect for those who want to stay fresh on the go.

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